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Twilight fall color sunset by Patrick Dillon

Dillon Contracting, LLC specializes in improving the appearance, functionality, safety and value of properties for commercial, multi-family, and residential markets. With over two decades of experience, Dillon contracting, LLC has accumulated the necessary knowledge to provide their customers with the best possible service, assuring them that their money is well spent. Dillon Contracting, LLC is fully licensed and insured.

Dillon Contracting, LLC provides the following services for their customers:

Commercial and Multi-Family – Maintenance contracts, remodels, emergency repairs, drywall damage/crack repair, power washing, code compliance projects, land and building improvements, problem solving, consulting, project coordination, contractor referrals, insurance damage assessments, pre real estate sales improvements, pre real estate contract property assessment, tenant improvements, long and short term planning options, and other services requested by their customers.

Residential – Remodels (interior and exterior), new windows, doors, repairs, maintenance, small jobs, drywall damage/crack repair, power washing, fan and ventilation cleaning, consulting, ventilation issues – crawl space and attic, insurance damage assessments, pre real estate sales improvements, pre real estate contract property assessments, do-it-yourselfers project assistance, and other services requested buy their customers.

Property Maintenance and Repair – Specializing in projects with the discerning owner in mind who expects the very best in quality and service for a fair price. Everything from Readjust doors and windows that no longer shut properly to major projects and repairs requiring a qualified general contractor.

 Elderly House Proofing – We install custom safety enhancements to help provide safe independent living conditions for seniors living in their homes.  This includes handrails, special flooring, security/panic systems, automatic stair lifts, handicap ramps, railings, and much more.  Please call us for a free in home evaluation and estimate.

Insurance Claim Damage Assessments – Let their experience help you get a fair price for your property insurance claims.  Dillon Contracting, LLC will assess the damage, giving you and the insurance adjuster a professional opinion.  If requested, Dillon Contracting, LLC will coordinate the restoration of the damaged property helping you get back to normal as soon as possible.

Attic and Crawlspace Ventilation – Inadequate ventilation can provide an environment where Mold can grow.  Mold and water damage can not only damaged your home but can also cause health problems.   To help increase air flow, Dillon Contracting, LLC can install soffit and attic vents, gable-end louvers, ridge vents, and power fans in extreme situations.  (See picture below for further details.)

Do-It-Yourselfers Project Assistance – Accelerate your learning curve with professional assistance from start to finish or at any stage of your project.  Send your questions via e-mail or call.

Drywall Damage/Crack Repair – Small repairs to walls that are damaged or have cracks above doors, windows and other areas.

Power Washing – High pressure cleaning for your exterior improvements such as concrete, siding, decks, signs, fixtures, and other items you may request.

Fan Cleaning – Regular cleaning of fan blades and intake and exhaust screens help motors run cooler and quieter thereby extending the life of the product.  Examples are bathroom exhaust fans, computers, dryer exhaust screens, refrigerator fan and air intake screens, and other items that use a fan/exhaust system.


Sample Portfolio –

Kitchen Remodel

IMG_1473 overall after 2 IMG_1452 stove area after IMG_1463 kitchen and livingroom

Before and during work pictures –

IMG_0827before kitchen sinkbefore cabinets use IMG_0937

Above kitchen remodel Electra Lake, CO. Tore out old formica counter tops and installed custom Granite. The owner did a great job coordinating colors to  highlight  the
beautiful lake background seen from the kitchen window.  The existing oak cabinets where painted with one coat primer and three coats oil base paint which tied in nicely to the overall design of the Kitchen.

Bathroom Remodel

shower with glass doorsP1070428


bathroom finishedP1070439

Above bathroom remodel shown partially finished ready for final base trim and new lighting fixtures.  Installed slate tile in the shower and floor and added a new Hickory double sink vanity.



New Custom Home

IMG_2417 closeup houseflowers email


IMG_2382 back patio email IMG_1297 front porch email

IMG_1088 livingroom email IMG_1152 dining email

IMG_1159 kitchen granite tops email

IMG_2369 driveway planter and front yard email

The above serious of pictures are from a custom home built by Dillon Contracting, LLC featuring the finished product. All phases of the project were performed directly by Patrick Dillon with the exception of the plumbing work.


Whole House Renovation





















The owner wanted to modernize their home so we replaced all the windows and doors and added a mixture of modern stucco with  cultured stone to provide for a low maintenance exterior that really helped modernize their home.



Hail damage insurance work

cedar house deck trex decking

The above house had severe hail damage .  The homeowner had Dillon Contracting, LLC inspect the house and they found damage not only to the roof but also to the siding. The insurance adjuster inspected the house and failed to detect hail damage on the siding.    After this was brought to the adjuster’s attention they included this in their report.  Dillon Contracting, LLC coordinated the tear off and replacement of the new 50-year ashphalt shingle roof and replaced damaged deck with new low-maintenance Trex decking.  The entire home was restained.

Multi family complex facelift

lift commercial

A complete facelift was performed to this multi-unit apartment building.  This included adding new trim above each window and repaired siding and a/c trim as needed.  After repairs were completed, the entire structure was repainted.   A 60′ lift was used which eliminated the need for scaffolding and ladders which significantly shortened the time needed to complete the project.

Multi-family complex stair and deck remodel

multifamily metal stairs

Tore out and replaced weather-damaged wood with new metal stairs and synthetic wood decking.  This combination provides the apartment buildings’ owner with a safe, durable, maintenance-free product.   Replacement of all stairs and front decks for five building complex finished.

Condominium complex water damage repair

leaking ceiling repair water damage drywall repair drywall repair finished drywall repair

Multi-Family – Water Damaged condominium complex. Replaced all damaged drywall, framing, and insulation for approximately 32 units.

Commercial land improvements

land improvement commercial

Commercial – land improvement project, prepared commercial site for new business.

New Garage

new garage

Residential – 26′ x 30′ Garage with 10’x30′ carport.  The garage walls are constructed with 9′ – 2×6 studs for added strength and R-value.  2×6 sissor trusses were used allowing plenty of head height giving it a shop-like feel.  The garage door opening of 18’x8′ gives generous head clearance with ample room on the sides.  The Ammar garage door is solid foam injected and has an R-19 insulation value.   Two – 6040 low-E Jeldwen vinyl windows were installed of the south side of the garage allowing for good lighting inside and for the passive solar benefits.  A 3/8″ cement base coat with 1″ underlining foam and finished with pre-colored synthetic stucco. The fascia is 1×8 resawn cedar and the soffit is 3/8″ Breckenridge Dougles Fir.  The combination of wood and stucco will give the garage a good balance of textures and tones with the added benefit of low maintenance. Ready for final Sto (synthetic stucco) finish coat.

Multi-family deck repair

multifamily deck replacement

Multi-Family – Repaired second story balcony which failed due to weather-damaged wood.   Custom metal brackets were used at all supporting  post contact points.

Mold Damage


Mold – Does your attic or crawl space look like this picture?  Unfortunately, most people do not inspect these areas of their home either because access is difficult, or they are out of site and out of mind.

In the past few years, Dillon Contracting, LLC has received a significant increase in the number of calls relating to damaged wood caused by mold.  Not only can mold cause health issues for certain people, it can also damage building materials within your home.  Mold can also hold up the sale of your property and can cost a significant amount of money to remediate.

Moisture/humidity buildup and lack of proper ventilation can provide an environment where mold can grow.  Adequate crawl space and attic ventilation is necessary to help prevent this problem from occurring.

Dillon Contracting, LLC can help with installing proper ventilation features such as crawlspace vents, soffit vents, gable end louvers and power fans for extreme situations. Note – Dillon Contracting, LLC does not perform mold remediation.  This should be left to the professionals specializing in this field.

New Porch Cover

Untitledfinished porch cover

Porch cover addition start to finish.

New Windows

window replacements window installed exterior window trimed out finished exterior window finished inside interior window finished

Electra Lake Window Replacement – The new window rough opening was sealed with water and ice shield window wrap.  Prior to the windows being installed, the back side of the window flange was caulked.  Then another layer of  water and ice shield was added over the top of the entire window flange.   Cedar trim was then added to finish the installation.  Caulking was applied to the outside perimeter of the trim and fiberglass insulation was added to any voids along the perimeter of the interior of the window to complete the weather proofing process.  This triple sealing effect helps to greatly reduce any chance of moisture or outside air working  its way into the interior of the home.

Residential  roof replacement

Replaced damaged roof with new setting new trusses to new roof replacement Trusses set on new roofNew roof finished

Replaced structurally damaged roof  due to heavy snow/ice loads causing the roof and ceiling to fail.